A short Web CV


A brief journey though my web

Not so much of a work CV but a web CV. Web sites come and go as do the servers that they are hosted on, however I recently found archive.org, which amazingly is an archive of the internet, so I can link to some of the sites I am, were, or was partly responsible for.

DMU web sites:

The first job that I had where the web was a big part of it was at the Milton Keynes campus of De Montfort University. Here I was over time responsible for the following:

Built Environment Web pages.
Architecture and Urban Studies

My Job changed, and I moved to the computing department and then began to support the web on the campus generally. The team I then belonged to looked after the following, although none of these are my design particularly:

The main campus site 2000 2002
The campus intranet.

Later still, around 2002 I became the technical project manager for LearnMK, which I am still very proud of. The following are my designs of the website for that project which hosted a database of around 25000 courses available to the Milton Keynes area

LearnMK 2001 2003

And my personal pages remade themselves 3 times during my university life:

1998 1999 2003

At one point three of us from the department were being asked to design websites so much that we formed a partnership to legalise the whole thing. Although the partnership is now defunct, its website was:


We all designed sites for various clients for the partnership. A couple of contracts that I had with the OU looked like this:


Then I was a webmaster at a Housing Association, and have been responsible for all of the current websites below, and some parts of the previous ones:

williamsutton 2003 2004 the alliance
williamsutton group

And now I've finally landed a webmaster job where the job title has the word webmaster in it!

As of 2009 I've just completed a relaunch and redesign of my current employers website:


Cant claim that this is all of my own work, but theres a lot of me in that site, and it is my primary responsibility.

And finally, of course there is this site that you are reading now, and the site for one of my books:


I'm sure there are more - but I certainly cant remember them. Some of these sites are still in use, some have changed, some are run by other designers, some are long gone. The archived examples above just show some of the places that my life has touched the net over the last few years.

(c) somewhere in space and time: M.Norman