Don't mess with the clocks

coloured inA week ago was my favorite time of the year. I have to get up by 07:30 but wake up before the alarm clock at 06:30. I can do things before I go to work. I can get to work without rushing for once in my life.
As soon as I begin to realize that this is the case, what happens? They put the clocks forward by an hour and all bets are off. Overnight the nice feelgood factor is ruined. I hate it. Why do they mess with the clocks and my circadian rhythm?

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It's all about me...

I'm a 55 year old married father who works with websites for a living. Doing that for work means I dont often update this site, unless I can think of something useful to say. I mostly like taking photos - and most of my internet presence now will be related to that.

Something else?

Dont you find it ironic that people invest so much in bringing you to a website only to give you a list of links to take you elsewhere? So I'm not going to give you a list of my favourite haunts to send you away from this site.

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