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SerenityWell. Heres another thing I discovered: Jos Weedon's Firefly. This is a fantastic series, a sort of space-western. However it is very unlike other sci-fi as it has very intelligent writing and isn't technology based (ie no technobabble) The only problem with it is Fox - the TV company cancelled it. Amazingly the dvd sales were so popular that Univeral picked up the film rights, and so a film was made - Serenity - which is just as good as the tv episodes (if not better) . I want more Firefly, but there is only one way of getting it: As Jos said: "If enough people go and see it, we get to make another one"
So please help me - either go and see it at the flicks - if you still can find it on, or buy it from Amazon here..
Thanks for your attention :)

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