Am I a photographer? - A Photo-a-day project

Aaron from scifidig contacted me the other day and said that he was going to start a photo a day project. I've always wanted to do one of these and so having someone else interested in a project as well made me decide to join in. Sometimes if you do these things on your own you tend to give up.

As I passed day 20 the other day I decided that this was something that I could keep doing for while. I'm using Posterous to do do this but I've linked it from my site here so it can be seen at http://blog.mattnorman.co.uk. I wasn't sure whether to link this to my site. We are doing the project at the moment using our mobile phones, and although we have had SOME good results, I'm questioning the quality of some of my pictures (especially on the days when I have no inspiration).

One of the things that I cant do though is post straight from the phone. I have to pipe it through photoshop somehow - even if its just via the photoshop ap I have on my android phone.

I'm going to try and keep this up as long as I can - but I may ever so often switch to a proper SLR picture from time to time and not limit myself to phone pics.

Have a look at my photo a day site here, and Aaron's here. Tell us what you think and if you want to join in using Posterous please subscribe to our feeds so that we can follow you back.

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