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South Pole Benchmark coin
I found something out interesting the other day. If you go to the south pole there is an object there called a benchmark that tells you the position of the pole. If you are from the UK a benchmark is a bit like a Trig point, or triangulation pillar. The benchmark at the south pole moves 10 meters annually from its placed position as it is on an ice glacier. So first January every year, they re-calculate the position and place another benchmark. I found this fascinating bit of information from the back of a geocoin. Geocoins are:

"A Geocoin is a wooden nickel or metal coin minted in similar fashion to a medallion, token coin or military challenge coin for exclusive use in the sport of Geocaching. A geocoin may be trackable on the internet using a serial number and website address engraved on the coin or untrackable.
They may be placed in geocaches as signature items to be found by others and kept as trophies or moved from cache to cache like a Travel Bug, traded or given to other cachers like a calling card or merely sold and collected."

To celebrate my new piece of knowledge I wanted everyone to log my coin. Unfortunately I'm told that it against Geocaching rules. So that put the dampers on that huh?

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