Fix your Samsung Galaxy S5 Charging cover yourself

Port cover fell off?

Fix your Samsung Galaxy S5 Charging cover yourself

I’ve been a happy S5 owner for a year now. But one of the annoying features of it is the way that every time you take it off charge you get a cover up the charging cover message on the phone.

This is a silly floppy flappy thing that doesn’t feel like it should be on a quality phone, but I have obediently replaced it whenever I remove the plug.

But OH the HORRORS! it fell off last week, and although I was annoyed by it - I miss it now its gone - and do worry about water ingress to the charging ports. But its a really easy fix you can do yourself for a couple of pounds.

Heres what to do:

  1. Search eBay for “galaxy s5 charging port cover” and buy one. Should be less than a fiver (Do the search, click list buy it now only, and change it to price plus P&P: lowest first: to get the cheapest..

    And usually I then do show UK listings only if I want it quick. )
  2. Wait for the postman. When your part arrives, you’ll need to take the back off the S5 - which you already did to put your simm in.

  3. Look down by the bottom of the ports. You’ll see that Samsung were expecting this floppy piece of plastic to fall off - so provided a screw to replace it. Undo this with a small cross head screwdriver (not a posi-drive one)

    and the small plastic cover will lift up but remain tethered. I used the screwdriver to lift it up.

    On mine the small black plastic end of the original cover was still in there - so I shook that out (you could use a pair of tweezers too)

  4. Slot the black end of the new part back into this slot. I found it easiest to put the cover back in place to do this

  5. Replace the grey plastic cover by pusing it down with your finger and tighten the screw gently
  6. You can now pop the back back on and enjoy your once again partially water-resistant smartphone.

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