Messing with electrons

Learning about electronics again

Messing with electrons

Years ago, in my first permanent real job, I worked along with two electrical engineers in a college. Although my father is a radio amateur, I'd never really tinkered with circuits other than simple ones, batteries, bulbs, switches that sort of thing. But working with these two guys taught me so much. They could sit with a piece of equipment and reverse engineer the circuit to work out what was wrong with it. I was in awe. I miss those days and what they taught me. I want in again.

I will experiment with some of the cheap electronic circuits that you can buy on ebay. I'll talk about the things I acquire. I'm going to experiment - and attempt to learn. Some ideas about what I may discuss are:

  • Anything involving LEDs
  • Chips and transistors
  • Servos
  • Arduinos
  • RaspberryPi expansion.

I'm not an electronic engineer, but I want to use what I'm writing about to learn more about electronics. And make things again.

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