Sometimes Humans Amaze me

Well this is the first time that I have posted video on my site but some times you see stuff that is just beyond belief, like this video. First impressions you think well, thats clever how they make it all fit, but then, when the train goes by, Shazzam.. Your mind is blown.

24-Nov-2007 Permanent Link


It's all about me...

I'm a 55 year old married father who works with websites for a living. Doing that for work means I dont often update this site, unless I can think of something useful to say. I mostly like taking photos - and most of my internet presence now will be related to that.

Something else?

Dont you find it ironic that people invest so much in bringing you to a website only to give you a list of links to take you elsewhere? So I'm not going to give you a list of my favourite haunts to send you away from this site.

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