A race off between PCB Suppliers

And a PCB design to connect a servo board to an arduino

A race off between PCB Suppliers

As part of my new animatronics experimenting, I decided to design a PCB which I could attach an Arduino nano and a servo driver board, so as to reduce the complexity of the wiring when setting up Nilheim Mechatronics eye mechanism. I needed to provide headers to connect to the servo board, provide some connection to the controller hardware, and make it all neat.

As a bit of fun, I also decided to order the same PCB from two different suppliers, to see who would come up with the goods first..

Please watch the shenanigans below. The problem I was trying to solve, and the race is announced:

What are the results? Which is best:

Of course after all that because of my own ineptitude I ended up with 10 boards that didn't work. There was a reason why I put V1 on the board. In my next video / post in my eyes series I will introduce the board which actually worked.

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