Make a Tesla Coil (from a kit)

Building an uninspiring kit!!

Make a Tesla Coil  (from a kit)

Watch a quick video where I embark of the epic project of building a 'Musical' Tesla coil kit.

I had high hopes for this kit - but although easy to build it took a bit of research to work out how the coils were wired up.  I think it also needs a bit of power so my usual .5A bench power supply was not up to the job.

I never did get the 'musical' aspect of this working.

Here is a video of the build:

Lessons would be that the multi wind coil only connects to one end of the board - and it uses the outside hole (the hole at the edge of the PCB which is not inside the circle of the coil shown in white on the PCB. )

Search on eBay for a Electronic Production Tesla Coil Kit Plasma Music Loudspeaker Kit

Hopefully you may get one with instructions, and indeed I may have had better results if I had them.

Also apologies for the lack of updates lately - life has got in the way and the cave has been so very very cold over winter... Too cold for builds..

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