Upgrade a A1278 MacBook to SSD

Give it a few more years use.

Upgrade a A1278 MacBook to SSD

I really dont like the new breed of Mac Books. Apparently soldered on memory and ssds and reportedly less of a build quality. Maybe it saves money but they really don't pass that on to the buyer any more. So my A1278 13-inch, Mid 2012 machine was in need of a speed boost - so lets see how easy it is to swap out the 1TB hybrid drive in it for a shiny new Samsung QVO SSD

I recorded a video of the whole process - you can enjoy that below.

It really has put life back into the beast. It doesn't run as hot - the fan comes on less - and the mac boots quickly and is generally more responsive. And probably about £2000 cheaper than a similar spec (memory and HDD) modern equivalent

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