Simon Says Build a Simon game

Great electronics build from bangood.

Simon Says Build a Simon game

This is a surprisingly nice kit for the price. It follows the principle of the retro Simon electronic game where you have to repeat an ever increasing pattern of sounds and colours. This particular game keeps a record of your score (the maximum sequence you remember) and the high score.

Read on for more details and a video of the build.

This kit comprises of the board, the components, some very tactile rubber buttons, and a laser cut clear acrylic case with a black front panel, and silk screened legend on the front panel.

Once built the unit feels very robust. The sound feedback is loud, maybe too loud.

The spongy rubber buttons light up pleasingly in the fixed colour of the LED which is underneath it.

Gameplay is surprisingly addictive

Watch the video of the build below:

Mistakes were made. If you buy one of these make sure you follow the instructions about the length of the leads from the led segments. I mounted mind flush with the circuit board - but the instructions say to allow a 4 mm gap. This makes the displays flush with the front panel which was my mistake. After some prolonged use (did I say this was addictive?) the buttons worked free of the holes in the PCB they attach to, so I ended up super-glueing the rubber legs of the buttons into the hole, and running a small amount of glue sparingly around the part of the button that lies against the pcb. This made everything much more true.

Buy online by searching for 'DIY Simon Game Machine Production Kit DIY Game Console' or direct from banggood here.

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