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Whilst looking for some breadboard on eBay I stumbled across a listing which had this MiNi power supply in it. As it looked interesting I paid the £7.13 and here it is. The device is more of a power converter, with two output channels one which gives USB 5v and the other is a variable 1-20V supply. There are also several different output ports and options.

The box itself seems to be made of ABS and seems quite sturdy. Once side has two rotary controllers for fine and course voltage control:

The top has an LED display with a disappointingly tacky plastic cover.

Other sides have the voltage in port, 9-20V DC via a barrel connector, and a momentary tact type power switch.

Finally on the business side are the power outputs - a USB socket and two header connections for 5v - and then more header connections and screw terminals for the variable voltage.

The actual screw heads for this are accessed via the bottom of the unit - where there are also 4 upper feet which hide the case screws.

A strange addition to the package is what looks like a set of connection wires, but turns out to be some power wires, two crocodile clips and a barrel jack for the power IN.

The circuit board inside looks to my uneducated eye well made. (Click on the image below for a larger version.)

You can see two sets of power circuitry highlighted by the two inducters, one for the fixed USB and the other for the variable.

There is a big chip as well, which I assume drives the LED Display.

I have made this video of the box opening and the slight teardown. This is the first video I have recorded with the new S9’s camera so let me know if you see any difference.

The video begins with a rant but the ebed above should start at the review.

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