A Laser cut case for a barebones Pi Monitor - Part 1

A Show and tell video about one of my LCD panel projects

A Laser cut case for a barebones Pi Monitor - Part 1

I obtained a barebones monitor for the Raspberry PI which consisted of a driver card and the LCD panel itself, along with a secondary switch card and the connecting cables. I could have used a V29 board for this but was specifically after a much smaller screen. So on this occasions I bought a 7 inch bares screen from eBay. Try searching for 7 inch LCD TFT Display HDMI VGA Monitor Screen Kit for Raspberry Pi 3/2 on eBay of you are after one of these screens.

I took the idea of the 'PiTop' cases that are available for the Raspberry PI and decided to design and laser cut a similar case to house the screen, cables and maybe even a PI itself.

Here is a video about the screen and controller card, and a show and tell about the case. As a special treat towards the end of the video I test my new SNES mini on the screen.

In my next post I will describe how I modified the original design and added a 5v power supply to the case to power a PI.

Here's what the final design looks like

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