GM328A Transistor Tester by Geekcreit

A short review of the tester

GM328A Transistor Tester by Geekcreit

Here is a quick video of a cheap and super useful little test tool I use on a regular basis.

It’s basically a component tester which you can also use to identify components which you get supplied in kits.

For me this is really useful for small resistors - as it works out the value without me having to see and look up the colour codes. It also identifies the correct leads of resistors, something that is not always obvious when comparing the circuit diagram to the physical transistor packaging.

There are several versions of this tester with different layouts and controls. The one I describe above you can buy from Bangood at https://www.banggood.com/GM328A-Transistor-Tester-Graphic-Wave-Signal-RLCESR-Meter-Inductance-p-997582.html

The case model I 3d printed in this video can be found at thingiverse.com.

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