Another LCD Panel Driver Option - this time as a kit

But is it cheaper?

Another LCD Panel Driver Option - this time as a kit

Another find from my hobby of typing 'v56' or 'LCD panel' into Banggood was this kit of the products you need to re-purpose a laptop LCD panel. This time it's a full kit of bits, which, if you are fortunate, all you will need to add to is the panel and a PSU, and Banggood refer to it as the succinctly named V56 Universal LCD TV Controller Driver Board PC/VGA/HD/USB Interface+7 Key Board+Backlight Inverter+1ch 6-bit 30pin LVDs Cable. I have a brief un-boxing video to present to you below, then I will get onto the contents.

So this kit comprises of the following:

  • The v56 HDMI panel driver card
  • A 7 key keyboard/ir/indicator assembly
  • The obligatory extra IR sensor you dont often use
  • One LVDS cable (with a different looking connector)
  • A single lamp inverter
  • The cable to conenct the inverter to the driver card - but not the inverter to the lamp
  • and finally the remote control (with English legend)

At the time of writing this it cost approximately £12.50 and is Banggood Product ID:1197481

Many of the items you import into the UK from oversees are around a pound in cost.  Most of the above do cost around that individually, with the exception of the panelboard and remote.  So to buy all of these parts individually for a pound each means that the majority of your spend is taken up in shipping.  So buying these all as a single kit which you only pay postage on once should be a saving.

However, this depends on if the LVDS cable works for your panel. I hadn't seen this particular style of plug before but that may be because I have just stumbled across the same type of panels in my experiments so far.

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