Program a Duino with your RPI and then debug it

Back the RasPio Duino and Pi Debug Clip Kickstarters

Program a Duino with your RPI and then debug it

I’m watching (and backing) a couple of Kickstarter projects at the moment the RasPio Duino and the Pi Debug Clip– and they are both funded.  As they are both in the last day of their campaigns I thought I would briefly mention them here as they are both relevant to what I have been writing about of late.

The first is the RasPio Duino which I may describe as a shield for the Raspberry Pi which allows you to program an Aduinio via the PI.  They have also added a lot of ports and pinouts to use as a development board for a socketed ATMEGA328P.  I’d recently bought a standalone dev board with a socketed chip so I could begin to make projects using the ATMEGA without all the other components, but couldn’t resist backing this project too.  Its still not as easy as using a laptop as I have to find a screen to use the Pi but I needed to encourage this project.  Its supplied as a self build kit so no doubt when it arrives Ill end up doing a build video.  The projects not just about the hardware he is also creating some Documentation and some other related tutorials so all in all it adds to the amount of info that is available for both platforms.  So all good. 

As a bonus you can also get a PortsPlus board which is just a pcb which fits over the GPIO and gives you a legend showing what each pin does.

Back the RaspIO Duino project here.

Pi Debug Clip

The second project is a bit cheaper and is just a diagnostic board for the Pi.  You slip it onto the Pi’s GPIO and it provides a usb serial port connection so you can access the console and see what your Pi is doing.  As I have had some issues with blank screens which I don’t know is due to the strange screens I have been using, this seems like a simple way of working out what might be going on with a confused Pi./p>

Back the Pi Debug Clip project here.

All photos sourced from the relevant Kickstarter page.

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