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coloured inOne of the sites I frequent regularly for Photoshop tips is http://www.graphicreporter.com by Lesa Snider-King. She does loads of photoshop training, and also does a weekly tutorial. She also is one of the presenters on Your Mac Life, which is a Macintosh internet radio show.
The other day I was reading a book series to the boys called the Spiderwick Chronicles, which is a childrens series similar to Lemony Snickets (though not as dark) But the books have wonderful illustrations. These are all line art, (not coloured) and I've been trying to find a way to colour them for the kids, similar to the way that you see in graphic novels.
Anyhow I sent a message to Lesa to ask for some tips how to do this and got a mention on the show, and she did a whole tutorial. Not exactly what I needed but its given me some ideas how to solve this problem.
Thanks Lesa! View the tutorial here.

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